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Sweetest Wish

I wanna run, just run run Away from the pain Away from sadness Away from beeing sick I don't wanna live these live hard days and harder nights make these life not better and of course not easier but worst than that is the hope who's carry me around sitting on my shoulder just to not let me die although both of us know it must happen a fucking long time ago. The pain is written to my face! Can you see that ? Can you feel that ? So just fucking listen to them! I wanna run, just run, run Away from the pain Away from the sadness Away from beeing sick Searching for the lollipop how I call the death. Its scary how the people talk about my sweetest wish. Sad how many people die every day but sader is the fact how many people die in your hands while your looking for better things, things to have fun, things to feel good not things to look of, things just things that are not broken. How could you not the way we're made of the way we feel think everything is just broken nomatter how you gonna fix it!
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